Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Hairy Lady

This portrait started out as tiny drawing in my sketchbook and turned into a very large portrait that I did for class. the hairy lady. empty and heartbroken. her song will give you hope.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

How You Make Me Feel

This is a character cutout I made using watercolor on Reeves BFK. Its a piece about relationships and the anxiety they cause. Her legs are movable.  

Charcoal=New Bestfriend.

These are some small characater portraits I did for the Pony Club Group show in December.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


This is a drawing I did for ponyclub. It was and still is suppose to go on the panel of our comic spinner rack.


These are some of my drawings that are printed in "DAPPLE", the second PonyClub Sketchbook. We plan to do a sketchbook every few months or so.


This is a character portrait of "The Lone Wolf" I did for a class assignment. Kinda my first silkscreen. 7 colors. lots of work. But I kinda like it.

The Lone Wolf


This is the cover for the second issue of LW.



This is just a little sketchbook drawing that i scanned and added color to in photoshop.

Bob Dylan

This is a Poster I did for my illustration class. Another pencil drawing scanned into photoshop and digitally colored. Even though the likeness isnt that great, it was one of my best pieces in the class.


This is a wrap around bookcover I did for another favorite book of mine. (The image on my heading is a bookcover I did for Margaret Atwoods "Oryx and Crake". )
My goal is to make bookcovers for all my favorate books....and maybe eventually try to get some published. For now, they are just for my own collection. This is a pencil drawing that i scanned into photoshop and added color to using layers and multiply. Its my favorite way to add color without compromising the integrity of the drawing.