Friday, August 13, 2010

Wild Beauty

This is the first silk screen I have done in a really really long time. I had help shooting the screen because it was so detailed and I had no time for error. (Thanks, Matt!!) I think it turned out pretty well, although looking back there are a few things I would have done differently.
I did it for "The Great Outdoors" 25$ silk screen show at the Pony Club. Me and Zack Soto curated it. Check out photos of the show here. Some of the prints are still available online and in our store.

My New Love

I just recently discovered sculpey ultra light. Its amazing and easy to use. I was going through an artists block and decided I would try something new. I made the tattooed girl for the "Curiosity Cabinet" show. And have since made a few bird heads. It is my new favorite thing.

"Secret Place" Diorama

This was my piece for the Pony Club "Diorama Drama" show that I curated. There were alot of amazing dioramas. You can see more photos here.

Company (the band)

This is a t-shirt design I made for the Portland band "Company"