Thursday, September 20, 2012

Endangered Animals

This is a charcoal illustration done for Compound Gallery's "An Ounce of Power" show. One thing I am so passionate about is nature conservancy. Doing the research for this illustration was very eye opening and depressing. Lots of beautiful creatures are on the brink of extinction or have already become extinct. Because I only had a limited amount of time to make this, I had to narrow the list down to North American species. I still was unable to fit a few animals such as the Right Whale and the Giant Sea Bass. But everything else, including the plants are some of our continents most endangered.

Dangers of the Deep Unknown

Drawn for the "Giant" show at Ponyclub Gallery. Outerspace and the depths of the ocean are two things that fascinate and frighten me. Mostly because they are so dark, deep, and vastly unexplored. This illustration is a mixture of the real and the fantastical.